Group Leader Development

Group leaders are employees who have been chosen to lead small groups of team members, but without the same authority as a supervisor or manager.  They often act as a liaison between leadership and employees or project leads, giving work instructions, training new employees, and overseeing daily work by ensuring quality and safety.  Group Leaders need to be trained to influence others, bring out their natural leadership ability, and prepare them to be a potential future supervisor.

Training needs may include leadership development, communication skills, train the trainer, and conflict management.

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Leadership Skills for Group Leaders I

Course Description:

Help your non-exempt level group leaders improve their ability to get things done through others without actual supervisory/management authority. This course will give them the tools they need to have more success, with more people, more often, by exposing them to the most important leadership competencies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Adopt the qualities of a great leader
  • Change/adjust leadership styles to meet the needs of team members
  • Apply motivational techniques
  • Avoid communication “gaffes” that plague group leaders
  • Improve skill training: techniques to get new employees trained better and faster

Who Should Attend:

Hourly group leaders who have not already participated in Leadership Skills for Group Leaders I.


Leadership Skills for Group Leaders II

Course Description:

This program builds on the skills learned in “Group Leaders I”. The focus of this program is improving communication with team members. The importance of influence is discussed and how communicating to influence greatly enhances outcomes. Modules on coaching for performance improvement and a look at delegating to get the job done rounds out this valuable program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve communication and influence through an assertiveness self-assessment
  • Overcome aggressiveness (active and passive) and submissiveness and communicate assertively
  • Apply six-step technique to coach for improved performance
  • Develop effective praising techniques and provide good feedback
  • Effectively delegate to provide growth opportunities to team members


Who Should Attend:

Hourly group leaders who have participated in Leadership Skills for Group Leaders I.