Employers Resource Association has developed a Human Resource Checkup Program as a service available to our members. You will find that this service is of benefit to your organization in several ways:

  • As a comprehensive overview of the relevant regulations and accepted business practices in the field of human resources;
  • As a “user-friendly” barometer to measure your company’s degree of compliance with the myriad of regulations governing all aspects of the employer/employee relationship;
  • As an early warning device for potential trouble spots within your organization in terms of regulatory compliance; and
  • Where additional information or changes are needed in company policies or practices so as to avoid potential legal and people problems.

A complete report of the findings of the checkup will be prepared along with a suggested action plan designed to enhance the Human Resource function while bringing it into compliance in areas which are lacking.

Here’s How We Can Help

The checkup process involves using a checklist format where “yes” responses are sought. When a question receives a “no” response, a concern is raised and the subject area is reviewed in greater depth to determine the root cause of the negative response to the question. The cause is identified, and a recommendation is made to ensure a “yes” response the next time the question is asked. An outline of the HR subject areas that are included in the checkup process includes:

  • Department Organization/Administration
  • Safety & Health Concerns/Compliance
  • The Employment Process
  • Termination Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Disciplinary Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Employee Classifications & Overtime
  • Communications Programs
  • Postings & Recordkeeping
  • Wage & Salary Administration

The best protection against challenges from governmental regulatory authorities or from disgruntled employees is to keep the HR function and your organization informed and up-to-date. This Human Resource Checkup Program can help you determine where you stand, and what information you might need to pursue to bring your HR function to compliance.