HR On-Demand Services

Many organizations, both large and small, now recognize that a high-performing Human Resources function is necessary to maintain a healthy bottom line. For many, the problem is a lack of resources to ensure that projects are started and completed on a timely basis. Quite often the only resource lacking is a qualified Human Resource professional. Now, the Employers Association has resolved that issue. Employers Resource Association provides the HR On Demand Service for organizations that:

  • May need “on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis” an HR professional on-demand to handle HR-related assignments;
  • Have a project for which they need special expertise, or lack the required staff;
  • Need to find a “fill in” for an HR employee on a leave of absence;
  • Need interim help between HR managers;
  • May need help during “crunch” periods.

The HR On Demand Service is designed so that a fully qualified HR professional can be available to member organizations on an “as-needed” basis. Project work may be completed at the member location, or at the Association offices. Suited to the needs of each member organization, this service provides members with the capacity to satisfy their HR administration needs.

The HR On Demand Service is flexible and requires no cumbersome, restrictive contracts. Because all assistance is billed on an hourly basis, you only pay for what you need. Use the Association professionals to complete one project or to fill your human resource manager role on an ongoing basis. It is a cost-effective program with no contractual obligations and relieves the organization of payroll, employee benefits and tax expenses. This is an ideal way to control your operating costs without sacrificing the quality of the human resources services to your organization. The Human Resource Specialist Service can help to ensure your organization’s HR needs are addressed in a timely and correct manner.

Here is a printable summary of ERA’s 2021 HR On-Demand Services.

These are just a few examples of the way your organization can utilize the HR On Demand Service. An Employers Resource Association HR professional will work with your organization to tailor this service to meet your particular needs with regard to scheduling, assignments, duties, goals, and objectives.

  • HR Policies and procedures

  • Human Resource Checkups

  • Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring

  • HR Forms and Records Administration

  • Employee Orientation

  • Employee Handbook Development

  • Employee Benefits Administration

  • Absenteeism and Lateness Controls

  • Agency and Regulatory Compliance
  • Writing Job Descriptions
  • Independent Fact-finding Investigation
  • Help in establishing the HR Function
  • Administration of Performance Testing


Employers Resource Association HR professionals are experienced human resource generalists who stay at the top of the HR profession through continuous professional training and certification. Through the Association they have access to a vast array of resources to respond to any HR situation. Their knowledge is practical, not theoretical; they hit the ground running for your organization.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Diana Small at 513-679-4120 for Cincinnati or Lori Hall at 614-538-9410 for Columbus.