The Common Sense Business Report

Business professionals and managers utilize business reports to determine work and production schedules, marketing efforts, manpower needs, etc. It is standard practice to utilize financial statements to determine the financial health of an organization. What do you use to measure the management effectiveness of your leaders? How do you measure the success of your management style and human resource policies? An ERA Employee Engagement Survey is the common sense business report to evaluate your internal environment.

The perception that employees have about their job, supervisor, co-worker and company image significantly influence their performance and productivity. Today, it is a necessity to use employees’ opinions and suggestions to improve the organizations’ effectiveness and competitiveness. Employees have the knowledge to make an organization stronger. A successful organization depends on engaged employees. The Employers Resource Association Employee Engagement Survey will measure the satisfaction and engagement of your workforce.

Through the use of a comprehensive questionnaire, the Employee Engagement Survey allows employers to learn about, and benefit from, the candid, confidential opinions of their employees about such issues as communication, working conditions, compensation, productivity, supervisors, management policies, and other issues. In addition, we compare your results to national and regional norms so you can see how your organization compares to others.

Why an Employee Engagement Survey for Your Organization?

Employees drive company success.  Particularly engaged employees drive success.   That’s because they have the desire to go above and beyond what is expected of them to further company goals.

Studies show that organizations with highly engaged employees have 2 1/2 times higher revenue.  The top 25% of teams versus the bottom 25% have 50% fewer accidents and 41% fewer quality defects.  Also, teams in the top 25% incur far less in healthcare costs.  And one other important statistic in this competitive job market, highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than disengaged employees. ERA’s survey will distinguish employee satisfaction from engagement, giving you a measure of each. 

We act as the private, impartial third party administrator of the survey, in order to encourage frank and honest opinions from employees. Surveys can be conducted on-site by our professionals via hard copy questionnaire or on-line. This allows remotely located employees or employees who cannot be away from operations at the same time, to more easily participate.

We conduct the survey, compile the results, and provide your management team with recommendations for actions as a result of the survey.

If you want to truly get the “pulse” of your workforce, both satisfaction and engagement, there is no better business report than an Employee Engagement Survey.