Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

Businesses must make intentional effort to ensure that their cultures are healthy and safe for all employees.  ERA offers four effective and robust programs to help you with your Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts.

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Course Descriptions:

Addressing Harassment, Discrimination and Unconscious Bias to Achieve a More Civil and Comfortable Workplace for All and to Insure a Positive Impact on Business

All employees have the right to a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. High performing organizations strive for more than compliance – they take action to promote a comfortable and inclusive workplace for all. This training will teach participants how to spot, prevent and address risky behavior, including microaggressions and implicit bias, which may negatively impact employees and business outcomes. An additional two-hour session for managers will help managers learn what actions and practices they can use to ensure that the workplace is inclusive and comfortable for all

Participants Will Learn:

First 4 hours: (Employees and Managers)

·       Why the organization has policies against discrimination, harassment and retaliation and what specific actions, comments, or other behaviors may violate those policies

·       How to spot risky behavior and what to do if employees see it or are the victim of it

·       How unconscious biases and microaggressions may unintentionally be making others uncomfortable

·       How bystander intervention techniques can help all employees ensure that the work environment is comfortable for all

·       Second 2 hours: (Managers Only)

·       How inclusion and respect have a positive impact on business outcomes – retention, engagement, productivity

·       What practical steps and behaviors managers can use to foster a culture of respect and promote inclusion

·       How to respond to concerns or expressions regarding inappropriate behavior or injustices



Diversity, Inclusion and Respect Concepts and Skills for Managers

 As a 21st century leader, it is imperative for us to fully understand the Positive Impact on Business (IOB) of creating a Diversified and Inclusive culture free of bias (implicit and explicit).

This interactive class and facilitated discussion will assist managers on understanding the principles and strategies which can help improve respect and inclusion in the workplace. The class will assist managers with identifying and diminishing various barriers to inclusion and success such as unconscious biases and microaggressions. The managers will also see how to leverage their leadership skills and emotional intelligence to foster a supportive and diverse workplace.

Learning objectives

·       How to we define and develop a 21st century leadership culture of Respect, Dignity and Civility

·       Understanding the 6 leadership principles to follow to insure Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

·       Strategies on defining and developing a competitive edge, (people and profit), what are the Positive Impact on Business (IOB)

·       Defining and discussing discrimination, respect, diversity, equity, inclusion, bullying, stereotype, prejudice and microaggression

·       How to eliminate Unconscious/implicit bias and the effect on retention recruitment

·       How emotional intelligence can help foster an inclusive workplace




D&I – The Talk and the Walk.   A set of two facilitated conversations to improve inclusion, equity and safety in your workplace


In this unique course, participants will have an opportunity to voice what they are thinking and feeling about real events happening now and how it impacts their relationships at work.  Skilled facilitators will guide the discussion, using thoughtful questions designed to prompt genuine discussion.  Facilitators are uniquely trained to allow participants to speak their minds while steering the conversation in a productive direction. The discussion is divided into two 3-hour sessions.  While it is recommended to conduct both sessions, Session 1 can stand alone.

Session 1 – Focusing on the individual
Learning Objectives:

·       To hear and be heard regarding unrest in today’s world

·       To share in small teams how current events are impacting you

·       To understand empathy and practice using it in discussion

·       To develop an individual action plan: goals for taking positive action toward embracing and respecting others in the workplace


Session 2 – Focusing on the Organization
Learning Objectives:
  • Building on Session 1, we now take the individual concepts and focus on building positive organizational agreements for how we treat each other at work.
  • In rotating groups, we generate recommendations for company leadership to enhance the organization’s culture regarding diversity and inclusion
  • To develop an organizational action plan: goals for enhancing organizational D&I practices



Beyond Race and Gender – Exploring Diversity in Work Style with DiSC

There has never been a better time to celebrate the differences that make us each unique contributors to our work teams.  This highly interactive 4-hour course enriches the D&I discussion by looking beyond race and gender at the many other differences we bring to the equation, in particular differences in work style.  Participants will leverage the DiSC assessment to understand work style in a new way, and gain empathy for the approach others take to interacting at work.   It is a great way to reinforce the concepts of honor and respect for the differences in ourselves and others. 

Learning Objectives: 

·       Defining the terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – learning what these terms mean to you and to your work team in the framework of today’s culture

·       Understanding your own DiSC profile – learning how to read your report and interpret the results

·       Understanding the other 3 DiSC profiles – learning through interaction what if might mean to view the work world through the other 3 profiles

·       Focusing on the unique strengths that each profile brings to the workplace

·       Reinforcing the idea that respect for self and others is at the heart of any D&I effort