Employers Resource Association is your local trusted resource for HR Answers and Advice, Training and Development, Legal Issues and Updates, and HR Consulting Services. We serve companies in the greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana areas. Founded in 1946 as the Cincinnati Industrial Institute, 75 companies began the important work of exchanging information and sharing experiences to address common management and labor relations issues.

Organized as an unincorporated business league dedicated to serve the interests of Cincinnati manufacturers, the Institute later approved the admission of non-manufacturing firms, and in 1985, officially became the Greater Cincinnati Employers Institute.

In 1991, in response to growing needs of the employer community, services were again expanded to accommodate a more diverse membership, now including employers throughout the region. An expanded curriculum, including more comprehensive research, communications and human resource services, was offered and we became Employers Resource Association. This name truly represents the focus of our mission.

In late 1996, the Columbus-based Associated Employers of Central Ohio (AECO) was merged into Employers Resource Association proving a benefit to all members with a more comprehensive view of employer information, trends and issues and an even higher level of quality programs and services.

Since 1946, Employers Resource Association has provided low cost, full service human resource support for its members. The advice, information and insight provided by the Association’s staff is essential for members to remain competitive. At ERA, you are one-on-one with a real person. We are here for you, whenever you need us. Staff members are professionally certified human resource experts and average 25 years of experience.

Our high degree of cost effectiveness, especially when compared to the expense of consultants or in-house specialists, is a benefit derived from our non-profit status, the economies of scale and long-term relationships. Our mission is to provide superior, responsive customer service & resources to our members, to assist them in the management of their human resources and development of their business.

Employers Resource Association is one of 68 sister HR associations around the country. These associations provide the same basic services to their regional memberships, and through The Employers Association of America (EAA), share information with the other members of the EAA. Our members who need national data from different geographical areas have this access through reciprocity arrangements with these organizations.