Compensation Surveys

Our Wage and Salary surveys are the most current and comprehensive in the region, which is an invaluable tool for strategic hiring, budgeting, and retention. Conducted each year solely with Tristate companies, the reports deliver data breakouts by industry type, union status, employment size, and geographic location for over 500 job classifications. Clear and informative pay statistics are provided for ease of use and pay information is detailed for maximum accuracy.

Our Compensation Survey Report Series includes:

Non-exempt Office and Clerical Personnel

Production, Maintenance, and Service Personnel

Professional and Supervisory Personnel

Engineering and Technical Personnel

Executive Compensation

Non-Profit Sector Compensation

National Compensation Reports – Executive and Sales

With the exception of the national compensation reports, an ERA member organization can receive a copy of any survey report at no charge if they participate in the survey by contributing data. A modest fee is charged participating members for the national surveys.

Survey data is also available to non-members for a reasonable fee which can be reduced by participating in our surveys. Click here to be added to our survey distribution group. If you would like more information, please contact Melissa Wymer at