What is the Winners’ Circle Society?

Winners’ Circle Society in an honorary league found only at Employers Resource Association.

What is the purpose of the Winners’ Circle Society? What do its members do?

Members of the society are SHRM-certified HR professionals whoshare ideas and issues, enjoy social and developmental opportunities together, participate in community activities using their HR expertise, and serve as focus groups and sounding boards for ERA’s Institute for HR Mastery.Society members participate as much or as little as they like, and build lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

How can I join the Winners’ Circle Society? Does my company have to be an ERA member?

Membership in the Society is open to all individuals who:

1. Participate in ERA’s SHRM CP/SCP Exam Preparation course, and

2. Pass the SHRM CP or SCP exam, and notify the instructor of this achievement, and

3. Remain SHRM certified.

ERA membership is not required.

What does it cost to join the Winners’ Circle Society?

Nothing. There is no fee involved. Certain events may have some incidental costs, such as personal food and beverages. When any costs are associated with an activity, WCS members are made aware of it in advance.

Click here to enter the closed Winners Circle Society closed member-only meeting place and conversation portal. -COMING SOON.