You are currently viewing HR Compliance Audits: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business

HR Compliance Audits: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business

An HR compliance audit helps you understand how the human resources department works and whether your company is using all the tools and techniques in the right way for the benefit of your business.

The various facets that your HR department is in charge of can lead to future business growth. Your HR department is in charge of streamlining the processes that enable your business to run smoothly, from hiring the best employees from the world’s talent pool to guaranteeing employee retention.


Why Should You Opt for HR Compliance Audits for Your Company?

Like every other department, you also need to assess your HR department from time to time to ensure they are following the best practices in the industry. Here is how an audit can help your business:

Revise Current Compliance

To ensure you stay out of trouble with the law, your HR department needs to be knowledgeable about all federal and state labor laws. It may come as a shock if you suddenly receive a lawyer’s notice accusing the company of failing an employee in some way.

By conducting timely audits, you can make sure that your HR team takes into account all recent changes and that the current compliances are timely reviewed.


Hiring the Best Talent

Your HR team is responsible for hiring the best employees for your organization, and they need to know about the best screening practices to do so. Simply choosing employees based on their impressive resumes is passé.

From updating the applicant tracking system to using project-based portals, there are various ways in which the HR department can help the company find the right fit. An audit can help them update their screening process for the best result.


Greater Employee Retention

The only thing more difficult than hiring the best talents for your company is retaining them, and this is something your HR department needs to handle. If after some time your best employees decide to leave and work for your competitors, your business will become stagnant.

Your HR department can develop better policies with the employees’ best interests in mind without the company having to break the bank. An audit can help them understand how the industry is functioning so that they can keep making the best offers to their employees and making them stay.


Better Workplace Ethics

Your employees will feel much more at home if their ethics are aligned with the company’s work culture. They will also feel safer if they know HR has their back regarding workplace safety. Your HR department can help your company make a more inclusive and safer place to work in.

A compliance audit can help them learn about new OSHA regulations, promote inclusiveness, and adopt new policies for disabled and elderly employees. Happy employees will always have the company’s best interests in mind, which will help your business grow.



At the Employers Resource Association, we help organizations train their HR departments so they can help businesses grow to their maximum potential. We train HR personnel to adopt the best practices in the industry, learn about new technology to handle payrolls, conduct employee surveys to understand what they want, and offer a host of other services.

Our consultation services help businesses reorganize their HR departments after careful assessments and regular training sessions.


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